What to Do If You Find a Bat on Your Property

Bats are complex and interesting creatures, but they can become pests when they attack residential and commercial property. If you have ever found bats on your property, there are a number of things to consider.

But always remember to never try to touch, trap, catch, hurt, or kill the bat. Not only is this cruel and inhumane, but there are also federal laws and regulations that apply to protect bats.

Once the bat is found, it needs to be extracted professionally. Before you contact a professional bat trapping and removal, try identifying the basic information for them.

Where is the bat?

If you find bats on the roof or attic, this can be troublesome. Bats can cause great damage to the structural arrangement of a building or house.

There eating and nesting create enormous chaos and smell and bacteria form when their secretions and feces accumulate. It can be more expensive to repair the longer you wait to ask for help.

If the bat is somewhere on your property or yard around it, then it is not an emergency. However, it is important to know that bats can seek protection on roofs, attics, terraces, and other cavities to take shelter if the entry point is open.

So seeing bats on the property around you is an opportunity to take precautionary measures to prevent bat invasions from happening in the future.

How Many Bats Are There?

The size of the bat colony is very important to understand the extent to which repairs and releases are needed to correct the problem.

If you find large colonies that grow in attics during the winter, the situation is more serious than finding a bat on the roof. Having a bat control company that professionally inspects the interior and exterior of your property or home is a good way to determine what type of bat damage is expected.