Tips to Host the Perfect Winter Spa Party

Though most of us duck inside to the safety of warm blankets and thick socks at the first sign of cold, winter can be the impeccable season for hosting a hot tub party for friends and family!

Since we’ve gone over how to prepare your hot tub for wintertime, hot tub maintenance and selecting a hot tub cover, it’s time to put together the decisive get-together!

To toss a great winter hot tub party, nothing is more important than making sure you have the right party accessories. If you want to know more about winter SPA party in Oakville then you can search for various online sources.

To throw a great winter spa party, there's nothing more important than making sure you have the ideal party accessories.

We recommend winter favorites such as hot cocoa and coffee, in addition to some holiday decorations, such as eggnog or even toddies. Nowhere to place them? Buy a removable spa so guests can easily reach their drinks.

Toys: Your family is snowed in and the child's school got canceled? Time for a spa party! Catch some waterproof playing cards and have a while playing canasta or go fish.

Security: Do not forget that sunlight damage can occur even in winter! If you're hosting a day spa celebration, be certain to present waterproof sunblock for friends and family.

Amusement: Setup a mobile DVD player by the hot tub — either on an attachable spa shelf or a table near — and pop into your favorite film for a perfect afternoon.

If you'd rather keep things more social and conversational, then plug your iPod into a portable stereo onto a nearby table to enjoy music while socializing with friends and family.