Time To Explore The Top Most Microscopes Of This Century

It is been centuries that first ever microscope was invented…..SURPRISED TO READ THAT????

BUT….That is hard core fact, the first ever microscope was invented in the year 1590.

Today, after so many centuries, we have numerous kinds of microscopes that are being used in end number of fields to resolve various purposes. The best thing about microscopes is that they are available both at cheaper and expensive rate.

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types of microscopes

Moving forward…..

I can’t define all the microscopes invented till date, but few I have mentioned below in the article for your consideration:

• Digital microscope: It is a microscope in which a tiny digital camera (CMOS) is fitted and is linked directly with the computer. The images seen through the microscope lenses gets visible on the computer’s monitor and saved on the hard drive as an image (in various formats) or as video, or time-lapse video.

Digital microscopes are extensively used in various industries and research departments:

1. It is used in art galleries
2. Textile industry
3. Used by the all the scientists, such as entomologists, palaeontologists, marine biologists and others).
4. In engineering workshops
5. Even by horticulturists
6. In forensic analysis, etc.

• Compound Light Microscope: Compound microscope is quite popular among botanists for learning about plant cells and in biology to view bacteria and parasites and much more.

1. This microscope cartels the power of lenses and light to expand the subject being watched.

2. Normally, the eyepiece itself enables for 10X or 15X intensification and when combined with the 3-4 objective lenses that can be rotated into the field of view, harvest higher magnification to the maximum level of around 1000X generally.

microscope types

You can collect details on types of microscopes and for what purpose they are being used for from various educative sources.

• The Stereo Microscope: Stereo microscope is even recognized as dissecting microscope, which has two optical paths at somewhat different angles permitting the image to be watched three-dimensionally under the lenses.

1. This microscope is mainly used during microsurgery, and watch making, plus building and reviewing circuit boards.

2. Stereo microscopes enable students to detect plant photosynthesis in action.