Skilled Nursing

The registered and licensed nurses at Arkansas Home Health Providers are highly trained and experienced in providing nursing services in the patient’s home. They understand the special needs of homebound patients and maintain continuous education in clinical and psychosocial skills development.

Our skilled nursing services include:

  • Coordination and implementation of physician’s plan of treatment.
  • Routine patient evaluation and communication to physician regarding patient’s response to care, and changes in the patient’s condition.
  • Simple to complex wound care.
  • Teaching and Instruction of medications and disease process.
  • Review of medication regime and patient training.
  • Interaction with patient’s family/caregivers, co-workers and other disciplines to provide observation and feedback regarding patient’s conditions.

The goal of therapy is to improve or restore the function lost or impaired by illness or injury. The occupational therapists at Arkansas Home Health Providers are trained and skilled to promote and return patients to independence through training and re-education in skills associated with daily living.