Similarities between Procurement & Contract Management


There are many similarities between procurement and contract management. They are very closely related and people, who have been working in either of these professions, know a lot about the other profession. So, here are some similarities between the two.


Contract managers’ work is dependent on the contract. They have to follow the contract and have to ensure everything in them in implemented. While procurers also have to follow the purchase or supply contract that has been signed with the vendor. They have to ensure that all the terms and conditions are met, and the quality and quantity is the same. So, for this partprocurers function like contract managers. 


Contract managers have to prepare many reports. There are many aspects within a contract for which they have to make reports for the people involved and the public to see. Procurers also have to prepare reports on the different stages of the whole process, and in the end, they also have to make a final assessment report.  


There are many courses available where you can learn procurement and contract management. Many professionals also do these courses as a way to get ahead. There are many certified courses that require you to do complete courses and workshops and even attend a test. Such certifications give a lot weightage to your resume. So, you can ask for a raise or get a better job. 

So, look for good contracts and procurement courses and enroll into one today!