Role Of Equine Supplement In Balancing Horse Nutrition

Taking care of a horse is not easy; you need to take of care some basic things such as horse feeding. The horse may have a different problem in case proper care is not done.  These days’ equine supplements and vitamins are easily available in the market for horse feeding.

These supplements are important in order to ensure the horse is getting adequate sustenance. A good quality supplement is required for better performance.  Make sure that horse diet include proper nutrition a lot of energy is wasted while performing different activities.


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Horse performance is gradually reduced if adequate nutrition is not been provided. Horse owner should also keep stock of hay as it is a readily available source of nutrition.

In addition, horse supplements ensure that horses are getting adequate horse vitamins supplement. Water is another essential need for a horse.  The food consumption should be about 2%-4% of total body weight. You can even consult horse experts for more information related to horse supplement.

According to Veterinarians you don’t need to feed your horse 3 times in case horse stays in an open field. In the opposite case, you need to feed your horse three times for example if the horses are staying in stables.

You should also provide our horse fruit and vegetable. This ensures that the horse is getting important nutrients required.


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Carrots are essential in horse diet as it balances all the components that horse requires. Carrot ensures good eyesight in the horse. Have a peek at this site for more information related to training horses.

There are different types of horse supplements available in the market. Read the label of horse supplement in order to know about ingredient before purchasing.

Other essential ingredients that you should look for in an equine supplement are Glucosamine and Organic MSM.