Parking Lot Maintenance With Asphalt Sealcoating

There is no doubt that parking spaces have to face lots of thrashings every day. And, in many cases, just a change in temperature is enough to cause accelerated damage.

A constant freezing/thawing cycle, of course, causes continuous expansion and contraction – increasing the risk of water infiltration. Then this water gets freezes, expanding cracks further, and adding to the problem.

According to experts at adding pressure to the parking lot is the brutal effect of daily traffic; not to mention, it received its share of fuel spills and small chemicals and leaks from cars, equipment, etc.

Even our warm and friendly sun adds to the negative effect by constantly spreading ultraviolet light which helps cause further damage by increasing the rate of oxidation, causing the asphalt to become dry and brittle. The result is – a greater risk of cracking and more water infiltration.

All these factors combined make it a difficult battle to maintain a parking space properly. You definitely have to stay ahead of ball eight.

One way to do that is to maintain the deteriorating effect on the actual surface of the parking lot. After all, the surface is designed to take a beating and, acting as a shield, does not allow deteriorating effects to negatively impact the base material.

To ensure the surface continues to meet demands for years to come; seal coating is a key component of any parking lot maintenance program.

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