Motorised Blinds: The Features And Benefits You Need To Know

photo of somfy motorised blinds

Imagine opening or closing your blinds without leaving the comfort of your bed or couch. Amazing, right? This is one major convenience that comes from using motorised blinds. Motorised roller blinds are operated by the simple flip of a switch or press of a button on the remote control. Some motorised blinds can also be controlled from your smartphone or tablet making them the most convenient choice for every homeowner looking for window treatments. This home technology comes with a number of benefits that are sure to add comfort, protection, and beauty to every room in your home. This article will give you good enough reasons to invest in this revolutionary technology.

 1. They Are Convenient

motorised blinds are convenient image

Motorised blinds can be pretty convenient in a home with many windows especially if said windows are large in size. Opening and closing your blinds manually can be a real pain. By installing motorised blinds, opening and closing blinds can be done at the touch of a button at your own comfort. You can also set a constant schedule to open and close them even when you are not home.

2. They Provide Security

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Because motorised blinds can be controlled remotely or set to open and close on a schedule, they can give the illusion of someone being home even if you are away. This really comes in handy as it would easily fool burglars into thinking that someone's home preventing your property from being broken into.

3. They Save Energy

image of saving energy

Motorised blinds can help you lower your utility costs which are definitely one of the major concerns during the summer periods in Melbourne. When connected to a smart home hub, these blinds can help control the amount of energy used by your HVAC system. The blinds will react to the readings from heat and light sensors and open or close accordingly. They will close when the sun is hot to reduce HVAC usage or open when it is too dark inside to let natural light in.

4. They Are Safer Compared To Regular Blinds

The lack of cords in motorised blinds makes them the safest type of window treatments to use in a home with young children and pets. Blinds with cords that dandle often attract Children and pets and could easily end up having hazardous effects. With motorised blinds, you will not have to constantly worry about keeping the dangling cords away from your young ones and pets.

5. They Protect The Interior Of Your Home

The sun is the greatest source of natural lighting and warmth for your home. However, These same good qualities can be quite damaging to your art, upholstery and any other pieces of decoration you have. With motorised blinds, you can control the amount of light and heat that enters your home by setting them on a timer to automatically lower your blinds whenever the UV light reaches certain levels keeping your decorations from getting discolored or faded. The installation of Motorised blinds in any home is the most effective and inexpensive way of controlling Heat gain, heat loss, and light. Take your home to the next level with this revolutionary piece of technology.