Information On Asphalt Cracks

Cracked asphalt is unappealing and can be expensive. You need to take action and fill it as soon as they occur. Sealing cracks in the asphalt parking lot or driveway is the most economical way to prevent future damage and the cost of asphalt.

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There are a lot of different situations that can cause cracked asphalt. These cracks in the street or parking lot can compromise the integrity of your asphalt in two ways.

First, the crack can allow moisture to erode the foundation of the road or parking lot. This damage can lead to sinkholes, potholes, and alligator cracks that lead to costly patching and sealing.

Second, crack trap moisture between the two sides of the asphalt when the water freezes and expands will enlarge and widen existing cracks. Crack growth is why it is important to immediately repair the cracks, so the problem does not become a crisis repaving.

Crack filling the crack sealant made effective when water gets into the cracks. Once the water has entered the foundation, the foundation will begin to erode produce larger projects and costs.

To extend the life of your street or parking lot you need to immediately fill cracks and holes and try to keep the oil spill cleaned up. Summer is the best time to apply a sealer, but winter is the best time to fill in the gaps. And, as always protect your investment with regular asphalt maintenance.