How A Router Can Help Customise Your Next DIY Project

A router is a valuable tool for kitchen re-modellers because it provides them the creative versatility to produce professional designs on cabinet doors and drawers. A router enables you to make engravings, grooves, and even figures on wood, fiberglass and even plastic. This convenient tool is available in a variety of sizes, and with different operational speeds. For the beginner, a router is a frustrating tool, but with a little practice it will be a tool that will make interesting designs.

The PR20EVSK Colt Variable Speed Router with Edge Guide by Bosch is one of a variety of branded routers available on the market. You get the utmost accuracy coupled with impressive power in this small and compact router. The product comes with the router, the guide, the case, and base along with collects and shaft wrenches. Easy and controlled one-handed use is facilitated by the grip which is over-molded with rubber. The router has a powerful motor, with variable speeds, and gives precise results with the depth adjustment.

The motor, a 1 horsepower 5.6 amp powerhouse, equips the PR20EVSK to handle most jobs with ease. The start-up torque is reduced by a soft-start, and it spins with a variable speed, ranging from 16,000 to 35,000 RPM. Depth alignment is very easy by lowering the motor and locking in position. Very fine depth adjustments can be made easily with the wheel located on the back of the base of the router. The instruction manual that is included has a chart to match correct speeds.

The creators intended on making this router user-friendly, by focusing on optimizing the physical ease of operation, the array of work-uses and its robust dependability. It’s possible to use a great many bit sizes, as required by different jobs, from 1/4 inch through to 1-5/16 inch. A second wrench is included if you prefer using two wrenches, but the job is easily done with just one. For easy access to the speed dial, it is conveniently mounted on top of the tool body. The PR20EVSK only weighs close to three pounds, and has a solid, durable base made of aluminum. Bosch’s Constant Response circuitry is a feature of this machine. This facilitates burn-free cutting by retaining the rpm you selected and thus a consistent speed, despite rough loads.

This little workhorse can be used for many little jobs. Those who have been intimidated by routers in the past will love this router. It packs as big a punch as routers that are much larger and heavier. It can round over deck planks and railings, makes decorative edges on wood and furniture, hinge mortising, trimming laminate, and many more. If you are a leisure activity woodworker, or somebody who does do-it-yourself projects, you will ask yourself what you did before getting this tool, the Bosch PR20EVSK.

Routers are certainly one way to customise your kitchen doors, for example, but for the best, and the most professional results you need to seriously look into laser cutting. This process uses specialised machinery but the designs can be drafted to a high degree of accuracy on a computer, and then cut with extreme precision into almost any material.