Why Horse Supplement Are So Essential?

If you check online you will find that there is a variety of horse supplement available. As a result of this, it is often difficult for horsemen to find out right supplement for their horse. There are some horse supplements which have low nutrients content, whereas some contain superfluous nutrients. You should be careful while choosing these equine supplements.

Energy and Protein

If your horse consumes more dietary energy and performs less work, then in such case the energy supplement that should be provided to the horse is fat. Fat can be provided to the horse in form of vegetable oil, rice bran or pollard, or sunflower seeds. Oil has more calories which help in weight gain.


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Protein deficiencies are found mostly in adult horses. Protein is very essential for the proper growth of the horse. The great source of protein in the horse is Alfalfa (Lucerne), clover hays, lupins, peas, and soybeans.  

There are many supplements for a horse that provide protein, minerals, and vitamins. You must assess the entire diet of horse to know the level of protein, vitamins, and minerals. Accordingly, you should add a supplement to horse diet.

Calcium and Phosphorus

These two minerals are very essential in horse diet. Horse bone strength depends on the correct intake of these two minerals. The consumption of alfalfa provides 50% of the calcium required by the horse.


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Grain fulfills phosphorus need in a horse. If you do diet analysis of a horse then you can find deficiencies. The addition of alfalfa should be added to the horse diet in case more calcium is needed.

It is always recommended to choose horse products that contain both calcium and phosphorus. You must check the label carefully before buying the product as there are many mineral supplements that don’t contain an adequate amount of phosphorus.