A Guide To Computer And Software Accessibility For The Disabled

Computers and laptop manufacturing, software developing & designing websites, are always in search of improving their products efficiency as per their potential customer’s demand.

But one of the biggest issues that these manufacturers and software designing websites face is that whatever software they design, is use to certain people, but not all, especially people with certain disabilities.

Keeping the need of such people in view, Australian Government has taken some really necessary steps, a few years back in the 70’s they started with a NDIS program to help such people who cannot earn their own living, who are some or the other way dependent on their family and relatives.

Disability software

People having learning disabilities procedure information otherwise and consequently might brawl while reading online or using certain kinds of software.

There are people who suffer from dyslexia and other vision impairments face numerous issues with approachability.

This is not the end, there are people who have been diagnosed with problems, associated with color.

The color scheme of a web page can create big problems for the visually disabled. NDIS Team is working really hard; they have opened help centers for such disables.

NDIS is a basically a disability software that aids in reading the content of the web pages with the help of braille keyboards.

There are end numbers of people with different kinds of disabilities; this software is based on cloud computing, due to which it is quite easy to access.

The major motive of the Government is to make all the disables capable of earning their living all by themselves. At a certain point, they don’t need to take help of others.

NDIS program

List of Cognitive Impairments and Learning Disabilities:

• Computers and People with Learning Disabilities – A video presentation from the University of Washington students and workers of the university with wisdom incapacities determine strategies and techniques for using computers.

• Computers and the Writing Process for Those with LD – A write-up on LD Online by Richard Wanderman on how computers leave an impact on the writing process of individuals having learning disabilities.

It is highly suggested that navigate to this link and gather as many details as possible.

• Assistive Technology and Learning Disabilities – South Carolina University have launched an Assistive Technology Program that offers a list of assistive technology tools and built-in convenience options for Apple and Microsoft.