Flying Phobias – How To Deal With Them

So you have travelled by plane, did you walked calmly to your seat and enjoyed the flight? Or have a panic attack when the plane starts to taxi up the runway? If yes then you are probably suffering from the phobia of flying. And you are not alone who fall into this category, there are 35% of people who afraid of flying and 55 of them having severe panic attacks so bad that they won’t even set foot on a plane.

A fear of flying can be often called many things including aerophobia and aviophobia. Not only that but it can actually be a combination of several phobias like the fear of small spaces, the fear of heights, “phobia of the plane” (“phobie de l avion” in Italian) and the fear of crowds. Due to the nature of the different combinations, it can be hard to treat a common cause for flight phobia however there are some products out there that try and seem to have a high success rate.

There are so specific reasons determined that cause such phobias but this can affect your life and relationships negatively. Life can be miserable for those who suffer from a severe flying phobia and sufferers tend to be extremely embarrassed about their problem, refusing to talk about it with friends and family. Especially for those who have to travel through air transportation very frequently, it can be a severe problem indeed.

But willingly there are a few tricks you can try to try to get over your fear of flying. In the weeks building up to a flight, try to take half an hour out of your day to relax and close your eyes. Breathe deeply in and out, imagining yourself to be on a plane – warm, happy and safe. This is a basic therapy that you can try from the comfort of your house.

But this is not the be all and end all of the phobia treatment, in fact, it is barely scratching the surface and to truly overcome your fear of flying you may want to check out a structured program. You can get help from many online sites that offer effective treatments for aerophobia sufferers. For more tips check this post here and learn how to get over the fear of flying.