Disruptive Physician Behaviour – Things You Need to Know

As the word suggests disruptive physician behaviour is the bad or inappropriate behaviour of physicians that can cause bad relationship among staff and negatively affect the quality of healthcare.

The American Medical Association has defined disruptive behavior disorders as personal conduct, whether verbal or physical, that negatively affects or that potentially may negatively affect patient care.

This includes behaviour that interferes with one’s ability to work with other members of the healthcare team. These situations involve inappropriate, disruptive behaviour as well as a power disparity, especially if the practice administrator works for the physician, which makes it difficult to resolve the problem.

Usually, in healthcare, most of the care providers especially physicians adhere to the highest professional standards of behaviour, sadly, on the other hand, some of them display unpleasant and disruptive behaviour.

This behaviour may also include violence, aggression, abusive languages, harassment, raising voice etc. Therefore any physician who behaves disruptively and improperly is considered a disruptive physician.

And the problem of disruptive behaviour among physician is a severe problem that must be addressed soon so that it couldn’t affect the quality of the healthcare and won’t harm the relationships among medical staff and the physicians.

So it is better to report unsafe working conditions and unpleasant behaviours of a physician. Disruptive behaviour can cause stress, anxiety, frustration, and anger as well. Which may affect staff relationships and communications and thus it results in medical errors, conflicting events and other compromises in the quality of the healthcare.

This is why all the healthcare departments and medical organizations need to be aware of the importance of addressing disruptive behaviours and the development of appropriate policies and procedures to deal with these severe problems. You can browse this site for more information about how disruptive behaviour of a physician can cause severe problems in healthcare.