Discussions On Second Coming And How To Do It

 A lot of people are still arguing about religious issues in this generation. Even the ones who are in the same religion would debate if something is true or not such as the second coming for instance. It has been prophesized that such coming is the ascension of Jesus after two thousand years starting from his death. This could be true or false especially now that technology is growing, it may be hard for others to tell if the whole thing is real or just fiction. That is why one should start to think about it.

People should at least know that this belief is shared by both Christian and Islam for a long time. And, many of the members have agreed it with it. But so far, nothing has ever happened which should be a reason for them to fight more and encourage others to read and know a lot about such belief.

If it were real, then it would literally be huge since people are already talking about an entity here. It might change the lives of many people once the ascension takes place. For now, it is a far stretch but other people are still hoping for it which can be too much sometimes since they force some to do it.

Yes, another cause of this debate is imposing ideas on others especially those who do not believe in this. They think everything is science while the other party is just making up stories. It sparks a lot of negative discourse which even often lead to violence. That is why this must be discussed properly.

Try to listen to others. Listening will always help and it also offers different ideas that would feed your head. This should be on thing you must be willing to do. One huge reason why a clash happens is because of the lack of respect. Try to listen and get the ideas from the other party or their views.

That way, you would know their point and you could rebut properly. Speak politely as well. When you are in such debate, you have to make sure you do not swear. You would lose your credibility when you use curse words and that would certainly make you lose. Thus, always take note of that.

Always agree to disagree. Find good points in their rebuttals so you would have a bit of transparency. It strengthens your view and supports the argument properly. This should not really be a bad thing so take the chance now and plan your argument. That way, you would not get in trouble.

Read. This is one way to have better knowledge of the topic. You should not just spit some nonsense opinions about everything. Try to support the entire thing with facts and you will gain the praise from others. That should really be taken as a total inspiration since it helps in many ways.

Lastly, it all boils down to preference and belief. Thus, you shall respect what others say and not push too much. It is okay to discuss but not hurt others because of it.