The Concept Of Heat Ventilation and Air Conditioning

Heat Ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) It is recently and most commonly used technology which works on an advanced principle of heat transfer, fluid mechanics, and thermodynamics. It can be referred as a specific branch of advanced mechanical engineering as well.HVAC, heat , air conditioning

HVAC had played an important role in last few years by enabling us to build large business buildings, houses, malls and factories by providing the feature for regulating the air temperature. Whereas, regulated temperature provides us comfortable atmosphere and will result in an increase in production.

Choosing the best HVAC is the tough task, So HVAC contractors can help you to overcome this situation by letting you know about the best products and install HVAC to your business building as well.


Through last century the number factories and skyscrapers had increased to a large number and also the need to control their temperature. The availability of HVAC  innovative technology made it possible to regulate the air temperature  after they were started being installed at large scale in the buildings

History Of HVAC

The HVAC systems which are used today are the result of numerous discoveries and advancement in the field of thermodynamics.To grab more information oh HVAC visit

The idea of heating buildings was originally discovered in early human history. Ancient Romans used to heated air to heat up their buildings and houses. The air conditioner was later on found after the invention of refrigeration concept and thermodynamics as heat is a part of energy and energy is absent in cool air.

That means heat and cold are totally different concepts, as in order to cool the air is important to remove heat energy from the air to satisfy the temperature difference tendency towards the equilibrium which is the second law of thermodynamics.

The working of air conditioning leads to the removal of heat by the refrigeration cycle which also use the concept of the heat sink to move heat from one place to the other.