Benefits Related To Drug Testing

In many organizations, drug testing is done in order to ensure a drug-free environment. This is a great step in order to maintain employee productivity, professionalism, and prevents absenteeism, addiction-related crime, accidents, and injuries. Drug test cup is also used to perform drug testing.

Nowadays pre-employment drug testing is also performed to prevent a drug addicted person from joining the organization.  In business establishment employee productivity and professional environment plays a very important role and drug abuse can hamper it.  According to the reports provided by National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH), there are 19.3 million illicit drug users with age 18 or older and about 12.9 million are employed either on full or part-time bases.


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Listed below are common drugs of abuse.

  •    Marijuana – Psychoactive drug
  •    Phencyclidine – Hallucinogen and dissociative drug
  •    Cocaine – Stimulant
  •    Amphetamine – Stimulant
  •    Methamphetamine – Stimulant

The person who is drug addicted has a great impact on the individual and on the entire workplace. The drugs which are listed above have different intoxication effects for example euphoria, slow thinking and reaction time, confusion, poor concentration, impaired coordination, judgment, memory etc. These effects result in decreased productivity at workplace.


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That why it is important to verify drug abusers via random drug testing at the workplace.

If you check online you will find different testing kits to detect the drug abusing employees. The most preferred drug testing kit is 5 panel drug test kit.

Some of the benefits of 5-panel test kits are listed below:

  • Simple to administer
  • Easy to use
  • Reliable
  • Saves time
  • Presence of multiple drugs can be detected
  • 5-panel drug tests are a simple dip designed to detect the presence of drug components in urine.
  • Produces instantaneous results