4 Common Eye Disorders

Majority of the people tend to neglect taking care of the most delicate organ of the body one of them is eyes. Generally, people focus on it only when they feel some sort of discomfort and or they spot visible changes. This happens because we gorge our eyes without giving them apt nurturing.

Consequently, diseases and disorders can often develop which may even require eye surgery. Eyes are susceptible to several different conditions which can cause permanent vision loss. Besides many of these conditions linger without indicators until there is relentless damage.

This is why it is recommended to people of all ages to have regular eye check up so that these types of conditions can be identified and treated early in an effort to prevent vision loss. Also, you may read below-mentioned points to know about the common eye diseases:

  • Cataract – It develops in the crystalline lens of the eye and may affect vision when they cover the lens. In advanced cases, cataracts can cause blindness. Treatment of this eye disorder involves the surgical removal of the cataract.

  • Glaucoma – It occurs when the eye experiences too much pressure, leading to a damage to the optic nerve. During the initial stages of glaucoma, the patient may not experience symptoms or pain.
  • Presbyopia – Individuals with this eye disorder gradually find it difficult to see objects in proximity as well as text in small print.
  • Conjunctivitis – Its symptoms include itching, redness, tearing, and burning of the eye and may occur to anyone. Various attributes can prompt this disorder, including infection, allergies, and exposure to irritants and chemicals.

  • Temporal Arteritis – It refers to the soreness of the body’s arteries, which could lead to abrupt vision loss some days or weeks after the disorder sets in the body.

Additionally, you may go to this site to know about 4 ways to improve your eye health in reality. However, it is also vital to go to a professional eye doctor for check up and follow proper preventive measures.